Saturday, July 19, 2014

Five For Friday - July 18th

Man this week went by fast!  It is time again to join Doodle Bugs Teaching for:

It was a pretty uneventful, relaxing week so let's see what I can think of.....

I went to Lakeshore and lucked out in the clearance section!  I found this beginning sounds fishing game and it was marked down to $19.99 plus an additional 20% off.   I was so excited!  I have been wanting this game for about 4 years!  I tried to make it once...epic fail.  It was the floor display but I checked it throughly, counted all the pieces and then checked it again.  Looked great to me so in my basket it went!  Whoop!  I scored AGAIN when I found foam letter dice.  I recently purchased Growing Kinder's ABC Centers For the Frugal Teacher Combo Pack and some of the activities call for letter dice.  I knew I had seen some at Lakeshore before but when I went they told me they were a clearance item only!  I must have looked like a deflated balloon because Jeenie all but ran to the clearance to see if they had any left.  And guess what!?  They had TWO!  I bought them both.  Last ones and on sale!  I almost felt like I should buy a lottery ticket on the way home....

I got to spend some girl time with Connie, my swim buddy.  We went to lunch at Salata (one of my new favs - I didn't know salads had that many options/combos!) and then shopped in a couple little boutiques.  I found a dress that I am in love with - I just think the back is so pretty!  I didn't buy it but when I got home and showed Greg the picture he wants to see it in person.  So who knows...maybe I'll end up buying it when we go back!

I finally went and bought all the supplies needed to create my "Clip Art" binder.  I've discovered that when I am trying to create something in Powerpoint I spend forever trying to find what I'm looking for.  I must open a million files before I find the one I'm looking for - ok...I exaggerate...It's probably more like 10.   But it is still time consuming!  I found myself wishing for a way I could quickly see the clip art and then it hit me - a clip art binder!  My plan is too print a small version of each clip art file, label where I can find them on the computer (no use in a binder full of clip art if I can't remember where to find them when its time to upload) and put them in a sheet protector so they will last forever (I can always hope!).  I am debating about how to do the binder sections though...by clip art artist, by what it is (paper, border, frames, clip art, etc), or both?  I will keep thinking on it.  If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!! I have done 4 files so far so I can give you a quick preview of what I am doing.  I promise to show more when I finish!

It rained a lot here this past week so that meant some extra cuddle time with my fur babies!  We watched movies, caught up on some summer reading and played on the computer/kindle till the batteries died.  It is a rare thing for Izzy (the black dog) to cuddle but she can't stand rain so I enjoyed my bonus snuggles.  Miley (the weenie dog) is a champion 24/7 cuddler but she enjoyed sister joining us too.  

I am so excited to use my newest addition:  Hello Fonts by Jen Jones!  I have been offering to type up just about anything to be able to use them!  Here is my favorite creation so far! I love inspiration boards so I typed up what a teacher means to me.   I printed it, cut it out, glued it onto a piece of scrapbook paper and then framed it (8 x 10 frame).  This frame doesn't look as good as I thought it would so I am going to buy a new one when I go back to Hobby Lobby.  I will bring the inspiration paper with me so I make sure I get the right one!

Click here for your free download.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my week!


  1. I love Salata, we will have to do lunch there one day soon! I've wanted to make a clip art binder, but I have so much that it would take forever! Good luck! I sort mine by artist, to make it easy to give credit to the right person, but you might like it sorted by category. Love your inspirational words! Thanks!

    1. We will definitely do lunch! Thanks for the advice about the clip art! Do they even make a binder big enough for all your clip art goodies? ;)