Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Target Dollar Spot Finds #4

Fun Fact Mini Books ($1 each):
Sometimes it pays off to root through the bottom bins in the Target Dollar Spot!  I found these neat little "Fun Fact" books.  I bought all the different topics they had - dogs, horses,under the sea, bugs & critters, and dinosaurs.  They are pretty durable - plastic binding on the left side and laminated type pages. I really like the colorful eye-drawing pictures on the inside!

I plan on putting them in my research bucket located in the science station.  I put a variety of reading material (magazines, newspapers, books)  for kiddos to research and study different topics.

Crayola Flashcards ($1 each):
I picked up three different flashcards sets - Color Connect, Same & Different, and Counting 1-20. Every teacher can use more flash cards....right?....I may have an overboard supply in my room but the kiddos love em!

Counting 1-20 Set: I got for quick reviews on counting sets.  I hand each kiddo a card and then I call out numbers - when I call their number that is when they are free from the carpet to go to a station or table, etc.

Color Connect Set:  I got this one for the color title cards!  My whole group carpet has five different colors and this is the first set of color flashcards that has the color TEAL!!!! Whoop!  So now I have a card for the teal row!  I use these to dismiss/call kiddos to and from the carpet.  Gives a random spin to which row gets to go first and everyone is paying attention because they don't want to miss their row card!
Here is a picture of pink, green, red and teal...blue in on the back of red.
The set also comes with pictures for each color so it could be used in a pocket chart for color recognition.

Same or Different Set:
I plan on using these cards as "brain warm ups" in math to engage higher level thinking.  Most kiddos will get the obvious same/different, however I want to go outside the box and explore other options as a class.  This will fit in nicely during our sorting unit. 
Here are two examples of the cards.  The cards are front/back.  
Example of Brain Warm-Up Using Animal Card:  
Same:  All Animals, have legs, can walk, some are the same color, etc
Different: different numbers of legs, noises, colors, wings, where they live/found, etc
After modeling a couple with the class, the kiddos are pretty good at coming up with their own same/different.  I love when they come up with one I didn't think of!

Alphabet Wipe Clean Cards ($1 each):
I bought two packs because these are a perfect quick workstation for 2 kiddos.  I put them in "Work on Writing" and kiddos can practice writing their letters at their own pace.  I bought two pencil boxes to store them.  I put one card set in each pencil box with a dry erase marker and a sock as an eraser.  Then all they need to do is grab the pencil box and they are ready to work!

Thanks for reading!  Tomorrow I am sharing all my Dr. Seuss finds!

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