Friday, July 11, 2014

Target Dollar Spot Finds #1

So I am a Target lover - I go probably three times a week during the school year and it only increases during summers!  But my absolute favorite time to go to Target is mid-July when the Target Dollar Spot showcases their "back to school" items!!! It is like a scavenger hunt for teachers! We gather as many bins, stickers, pencils, pocket charts and other "what can I do with this?" items into our carts and parade around the store feeling victorious with our "lucky finds"!  I LIVE for Target's teacher dollar spot deals.  I found out that they restock every night and what doesn't get done that night is put out first thing the next morning.  So if you are looking for something specific - I'd say between 9-10 am is your best bet to finding it!
Here is what I have found so far (cause I am going back almost daily to make sure I'm not missing out on the Target teacher find of the year)  and what I plan to do with it.  Please share if you have any other ideas!

Plastic File Bins ($3 each):
I have found them in four colors: red, blue, yellow and white.  I don't have any of the white because I had a teacher buddy with me and we had to share the wealth!

I use these files bins in two areas in my classroom -  read-to-self book bins (left) and themed library bins (right).   The details of the bin set-up and organization is something I'll tackle in another post.


Teacher's Tote ($3 each): 
I also found these blue teacher totes with file storage!  There is a black metal rectangle that you velcro on one side and the tote can be use to store or haul around files.  It is multi-purpose!

I am going to use them as retell totes.  My Kindergarteners LOVE to retell stories.  I am thinking these totes will be great during Daily Five for students to retell with a partner and have the freedom to move around.  I am planning on making labels that either clip or velcro on the sides so the kiddos can independently choose a retell and I can quickly change the labels when I switch out the retells for new ones.  

Above is a quick example of the Mrs. Honey Hat retell tote.  Inside is the Mrs. Honey doll, the velcro pieces to put on the hat and the book in case the students need to reference it.  Everything in one place and portable - LOVE it!

Well those are two of my Target finds so far.  I will share more tomorrow!  Happy Target hunting!


  1. Hi Susan!

    I found you through Stacia's blog. :) So jelaous of your book bins, I literally spent all afternoon today searching for those exact bins with no luck. I wish we had a Target here!!

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

    1. Hi Lauren!
      Hooray! You are my first ever blog comment! Thanks - you made my day!!! Those bins have been a blessing and a nemesis ever since I discovered them 4 years ago! Last year I ordered the neon ones from Steps to Literacy cause I couldn't find ANY Target book bins. I am super blessed to have three Targets within a 20 minute drive. Best of luck on your bin search!


  2. You wore me out with six Target shopping trips, but it was worth it! :-) I love your new retelling totes!!

    1. You were a Target trooper! I can't wait to find out if the totes work! I think it will since last year the kiddos carried the buckets all over the room! This will help keep things neat and tidy - just how I like it!