Saturday, July 12, 2014

Target Dollar Spot Finds #2

I'm back with more awesome finds from the Target dollar spot!  Target always has something great to buy - clothes, sandals (love the Sam & Libby brand!), desk items and best of all the dollar spot!  I always buy more than what was on "the list" and need a shopping cart!  Sometimes I can get away with the hand held basket ones, but that is a rarity.  

Mini School Themed Erasers ($1 each):
A couple times a year the Target dollar spot has these little packets of erasers.  I always buy 4 packets because I use them for lots of math tubs - sorting, graphing, measuring, counting, etc.  I have Halloween, Spring, Valentines, Christmas, and now school!  My collection is growing, which is fantastic because the erasers are always a hot pick with the kiddos!

Card Sorts ($1 each):
I found these card sorts that focus on different skills - addition, animal classification and colors.  They have header cards and then the kiddos sort the remaining cards. Perfect for pocket chart activities - whole group and then a workstation! 

Dr. Seuss Hats ($1 each):
These hats will be perfect in March for Dr. Seuss day.  There are 6 in a pack and all you have to do is staple them!  I plan on doing an author study on Dr. Seuss and crowning all my little "Seuss experts" with the hats.   Whenever we study something in depth I tell the kiddos they are "experts" - they LOVE it! 

I'll have some more goodies to share later!


  1. I was so excited for the Dr. Seuss hats!! The erasers are perfect for ten frames. Such great deals!!

    1. We find good stuff together! Great minds think alike!