Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday Made-It: Tidy Blog Board

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I have a million different things going on at once - the back to school bug has bitten and I am having a hard time finishing something before I start/create another "great idea!".  I hope that I am not the only one who does this EVERY single year.  But that's ok cause this year I created something to help me stop having 20+ things going at once and to concentrate on what I need to get done first.  Which brings me to my "made it"!

Last week I looked at my computer and I had over 20 items that I was working on at once.  Some that were just started, some that were half way and then those that I just needed to spell-check and they were ready.  You would think that I would concentrate on the spell-check ones and finish them up but I keep finding myself getting distracted! Something would trigger another idea and then I would switch gears and start "a new project" while it was fresh and the juices were flowing.   And so this went on for awhile...then I discovered I was having a hard time telling where I left off on a project.  So I started thinking how can I organize this hot mess and I happened to glance up at the wall above my desk and thought "a board!" - a visual so its all right there to keep me on track!  So once again the  juices were flowing (but I figured it was ok to get distracted this time cause I was fixing the problem!) and I created my "Tidy Blog Board".  I love it!  I haven't hung it up yet because I am painting my office but I couldn't wait to share!

Here is how I did it:
I bought a cork board at Hobby Lobby (you can get them anywhere - I just happened to have a gift card AND they were on sale - double bonus!).   I bought the big one: 36" x 36".  But you can get whatever size works for you!  The board came with a natural wood border and I am a matchy matchy girl so I wanted the board to match the rest of my office furniture....which is black.  And I already had left over black paint so it was an easy fix!  I just taped off the inside edge and painted the border black. Took about 30 minutes start to finish (including dry time!).

 After the paint was dry I removed the painter's tape and in comes washi tape - black again for me! There are a million different colors/patterns of washi tape so your options are limitless.  I used black to simplify the board - the labels I created had enough color for me. You can find washi tape pretty much anywhere - Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Jo Ann Fabrics, etc.  It is in the scrapbook section.
I knew I wanted a calendar at the top so I started there: I taped down a piece of scrapbook paper so give it some "pop" and then sectioned the middle and three areas underneath.

Now I was ready for the goodies!  I created some labels/organizers and you can download them for free here! Below is a preview of my "tidy blog board" pack.  Print what you find helpful. 

After I printed the labels I laminated them. I got a personal laminater for Christmas a couple year back - best gift EVER! I laminated some of the organizers too - the calendar, this week list, and today's list so that I can reuse them.  I use expo markers and then erase when I'm done.  Now I don't have to reprint and use all that paper every time a new day/week/month begins!

Now I thought I was being super smart using glue dots but that was a HUGE mistake!  See exhibit A below.   Those little buggers are so powerful they ripped my board! I am just thankful I only used them on two labels before I did the entire board! Lesson learned - don't use glue dots on cork if you EVER plan on moving something.  I decided to go with push pins instead...I am still looking for "cute ones" but these work for now (and they don't destroy the board!).
Exhibit A
How it works:
So this is how I use it but everyone has their own system.  I am sure I will make changes along the way but for now I'll share how my hot mess became organized chaos!  

I have a little notebook that I use to write down all of my ideas.  There is no rhyme or reason to it yet. I plan on tackling that next.  But for now I just write em down so that they are at least somewhere.  If I am out and about I write a note on my phone and transfer it to the book when I get home.

If it is something I want to create right away (for example new table signs for this school year) then I would copy it out of the book onto an "another fresh idea" card.  This can be found in the "Tidy Blog Board" packet.  I pin that card on the board under the section labeled "Fresh Ideas".  
My rule is no more than 8 "fresh ideas" at a time.  This forces me to finish up some of my "in progress" creations.  
Once I open a power point and start the "fresh idea" to gets moved to the "In progress" section.  
And once I spell check it and its done I use a "ready to go" button and can see quickly what is ready to go!  I categorized the buttons by subject so "table #s" would go under "other".

I am thinking I am going to put my ready to go buttons in a binder after I publish them so I can keep track of things.  Just a thought.  

I am also working on creating a "Linky Board" to keep track of linkys but I haven't finished that yet. The organizers and labels are included in the "Tidy Blog Board" as well. I printed and laminated them. I already had a smaller cork board and so here is what I am thinking of doing:

So if you are a visual person like me and want a "tidy blog board" don't forget to download your freebie here and get started!  I would love to see pictures of your board and how it works for you!

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  1. You are quite the busy bee! Keeping things organized has is a way to keep you busy, and distract you somewhat from all your work. If things are in a messed up state, it makes things much harder to do. Of course, you need materials to help you stay organized. You can't do with a simple table and desk for this type of work, right? Either way, I hope this helps helps you be more productive in your work. Take care!

    Doyle Townsend @ Urban Fitout