Sunday, July 13, 2014

Target Dollar Spot Finds #3

I'm back with another round of Target goodies!

Reward Sticker Badges ($1 each):
I found these positive reward stickers which I absolutely love! I like to make a big deal when I see a kiddo make the right choice or help another friend without being asked.  These stickers will be perfect to hand out in those situations!
I want to make sure I am fair so here is my plan:
There are 24 stickers in a pack and my district is broken up into 4 nine week grading periods.   I bought four packs so I will reward each kiddo a sticker each 9 weeks.  I have a lot of other incentives in my room to make the right choice but it never hurts to add one more!  And an easy one - its a sticker that is ready when I need it!

Target dollar spot also has other stickers:
Little Superstar stickers - same size as stickers above, 24 in a pack for $1 (no picture, sorry!)

Pencils ($1 each):
Target dollar spot comes out with pencils at least once a month - typically they are themed (back to school, Halloween, Christmas, etc).   There are 8 in a pack.
I scoop up 3 packs every time I see pencils because they are the perfect mini gift to surprise the kiddos with!   My classes have always loved new pencils and this the perfect affordable solution!  $3 and I have 24 pencils (our classes are typically 22-23).   I put the extras in a bucket and I have another reward option for when they make a right choice!  They love the pencil bucket - it is a smorgasbord of pencils from glitter to dinosaurs.  Something for everyone!

Target dollar spot also has other pencils:
Glitter (light and primary sets)  6 in a pack for $1
Reward themed (super star, great job, etc) 8 pack for $1

Dominoes ($1 each):
While rooting through the bins I found a pack of mini dominoes.  I love using dominoes for addition and comparing numbers!  They are colored coded - all the twos are green, all the sixes are yellow, etc.
Dominoes are also great for recognizing sets.

Best of luck on your Target adventures!

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